When the garden is no longer flooded by rain, when the oceans and streams are cleaner, because the water from the wastewater treatment plant is better cleaned, when the bus runs on biogas or when the bill from the utility company has been reduced, it is because we at EnviDan have done a good job . We work for municipalities, utilities and industries, but we make a positive difference for everyone, including those who do not know us. The citizens who live near lakes and creeks, have flooding problems, enjoy life with their children in the new water playground or keep their houses warm with biogas; they are the ones who experience the results of our work.

We make the positive difference because our employees are dedicated and knowledgeable. EnviDanes are committed to their work, and it brings energy and innovation into the projects when we, together with our customers, find the best solutions. At the same time, we are highly professional. EnviDanes are specialists, experts and professionals within our fields, and it is their extensive knowledge that makes a positive difference for our customers and makes them trust what we do.


At EnviDan, we are EnviDanes, and that means something. This means that we have a great deal of influence in our daily work and a flat leadership structure. The trust our customers show us, we also show each other. It leaves room for professional development and diversity. For we are not the same. We're just all EnviDanes.

- And then it's more fun to be an employee of EnviDan. We simply have fun together, both at work and at social events. EnviDan makes a positive difference for our employees because we have our own EnviBand, our own EnviDan-beer and free admissions to the Little Belt half marathon, but we also have the latest digital tools, a large training and further education budget and record many employees, who participate in relevant conferences. This is how we do it, because the grass is greenest where you water it.