Ice pigging

Development project

Ice Pigging is a new method in which slush-ice replaces the traditional rinse process and purge pig when cleaning water pipes.

The immediate environmental benefit is a better drinking water quality.

After cleansing the water, the iron and manganese content, as well as substances that bind to these, such as arsenic, are decreased.

The method also ensures resource savings in drinking water.

The traditional rinse method requires longer processing time, and thus results in a greater water usage than Ice Pigging. Clean pipes result in energy savings.

Cleaning reduces pressure loss by eliminating clogging and reducing the roughness of the pipe walls. Operation of water pipes are continuous so even small improvements in pressure drop is important.

The suppliers which have been affected by a powerful bacterial contamination are known for the subsequent long-term process of disinfection and flushing of pipes.

With the Ice Pigging method it is possible to shorten this process, saving water and disinfecting chemicals such as chlorine.

Finally, it should be noted that the ice is created from normal Danish groundwater and is harmless in both environmental and toxicological terms.

Besides EnviDan, Aarhus Water, TREFOR and Via University College all participate in the project. EnviDan has the role of project manager.

The project is, furthermore, supported by MUDP.

Gudmundur  Andresson