New biogas plant at Korskro

The most beautiful plant in Denmark

The plant has been selected to participate in RealDania and the Nature Agency's project "Biogas plants - architecture and landscape".

The project will show how biogas plants, architecture and landscape can be combined emphasising the appearance and harmony of the landscape while constructing the plant. EnviDan has, for Bionaturgas Korskro, carried out the preliminary design, and at the same time coordinated the architectural work around the plant.

Bionaturgas Korskro is a subsidiary of Bionaturgas Danmark  A/S, and is a joint venture between Southwest Biogas Amba and Bionaturgas Denmark. The location of Bionaturgas Korskro in South West Jutland means that the plant is located in one of the most livestock-intensive areas of the country.

This ensures a stable supplier base and the best conditions for a good and sustainable biogas production.

As a counsellor, our task is to contribute to the mission statement, while helping to make the idea a reality when the framework for the project is set.

We have made a preliminary plan for Bionaturgas Korskro, and have also been responsible for the preparation of EIA reports and environmental permits, which forms the basis of the actual design work.

Finally, we have made a budget and a business case on the construction of Bionaturgas Korskro, as the basis for the owner's decision-making process.