New cooperation agreement with Nereda

Going into 2018 EnviDan has made a cooperation agreement with the Dutch company Royal HaskoningDHV, who is behind the Nereda technology that uses aerobic granules for wasterwater treatment.

Nereda was developed in 2006 and has since become a renowned method for cleaning both public and industrial wastewater. 21 WWTPs already use the technology and in 2018 another 8 Nereda plants will be in operation, among them a plant in Strömstad in Sweden. The technology is an innovative method for advanced biological wastewater treatment using granular sludge for cleaning the wastewater.

At EnviDan we are very pleased with the new cooperation agreement that fit very well into our strategy, and the Nereda process supplements our already large portfolio of advanced treatment processes very well. We are also happy to obtain a new partner that meet our demands for sustainable solutions for future WWTPs.

The technology behind Nereda

Active granular sludge that is developed in the processing tanks, have extraordinary good sedimentation qualities compared to regular active sludge. The sludge volume index (SVI) is typically less than 50ml/g SS after only 5 minutes deferment, where as many Danish active sludge facilities experience SVI > 120 ml/g SS, especially during winther.

The good sedimentation qualities mean that the Nereda process runs at considerable higher sludge concentrations than conventional active sludge processes thus minimizing the active processing volumes.

The process is a compact batch process in which cleaning and clarification takes place in one and the same tank. This reduces the total space needed considerably. It also means that there is no need for recirculation or return sludge pumping thus saving both energy and equipment. Furthermore, the intelligent design and the running of the Nereda process help reduce the WWTPs carbon footprint considerably compared to conventional plants.

Sustainable solution

The Nereda technology uses considerably less energy compared to traditional wastewater treatment and at the same time result in a very high effluent quality, most often without the use of chemicals. In addition, less equipment and installations are necessary, which also contribute to an environmentally friendly profile.

If you wish to know more about the Nereda process please contact Development Manager Jeanette A. Madsen or Business Manager  Søren B. Hansen.