Sustainable safe drinking water to three Nepalese villages

Our project engineer Surya Prajapati recently visited a rural part of Nepal for the purpose of establishing sustainable safe drinking water for three villages and approximately 450 families.


The Danish NGO, Jysk landsbyudvikling in Nepal is the initiator of the project and has hired EnviDan to carry out the technical work. The project is financed by the Grundfos Foundation (Poul Due Jensen Foundation).

In collaboration with representatives from Jysk landsbyudvikling i Nepal fruitful meetings were carried out with the local Users’ Organization, local partner organization and interested villagers. The meetings included discussions on the initiation of the project, different systems for drinking water supply, operation, and maintenance modality of the system. The villagers and partner organizations are excited about the project.

Sustainable water supply

The water supply system must have the capacity to supply 65 liters of clean water per capita per day to all individuals in the project area. The project aims to support and boost the efficiency of local authorities in infrastructure and resource management using modern technology. EnviDan carries out the technical work, which includes design, project management, and quality control.

The renovation process runs from September 2019 to June 2021 and is funded by the Poul Due Jensen Foundation. The operation of the water supply system will be handed over to Madi Municipality after its completion in 2021.


The project supports the UN sustainable development goals and in particular number 6: 'Clean water and sanitation' and number 17: 'Partnerships for the goals'.

Project engineer with in-depth knowledge of both Nepal and the project

In association with the project we have hired civil engineer, Surya Prajapati. He has been working with the NGO, Jysk landsbyudvikling i Nepal since 2014. Surya is from Nepal, but for the past three years he has studied, lived and worked in Denmark.

“It is clearly advantageous for us to have a team member who has in-depth knowledge of both worlds. Surya knows both the Danish and the Nepalese water supply systems as well as the different cultures,” says Jens Dyrberg, department manager at EnviDan's water department.

Sustainability as top priority

In 2013 the Grundfos Foundation funded a similar project with the construction of two solar-powered water systems in the Madi-Province on the initiative of Jysk landsbyudvikling i Nepal. Unfortunately, the water systems were neither technically nor financially sustainable, and therefore the NGO initiated this new project, where sustainability is given a high priority.

Representatives from Jysk landsbyudvikling i Nepal, the local partner organization and EnviDan

Jens Dyrberg  Nielsen