Development project

The Waterway

In an interdisciplinary collaboration with the road and asphalt company Colas Danmark A/S and urban space designers from Schulze + Grassov Aps, we have developed a new water handling road system focusing on both everyday and stormwater rain on the city's surfaces, ie. roads and footpaths, parking facilities and courtyards.

The solution is called The WATERWAY, and it has a strong focus on visualisation of stormwater management as well as aesthetics, identity and urban development.

We have developed a number of special water flumes, which based on a holistic approach to the specific urban space can be used in combination with various road profiles.

The project is a result of Realdania's development effort Klimaspring (www.klimaspring.dk), whose purpose is to make Denmark a leader in climate adaptation technologies, and create both better cities and green growth.

The solution is designed in co-creation with Middelfart and Skanderborg municipalities and their utilities companies, and has largely been based on input from road users and residents.

Pilot projects

The first pilot project is located in Låsby in the Municipality of Skanderborg. Here, the solution has exposed a previously piped watercourse, which now runs in an open water channel along one of the sidewalks.

The water's movement and sound gives the residents a new experience of the water and the road.

The runoff is handled in an aesthetically water flume in the middle of the road in a new v-profile which, if necessary, controls stormwater and provides security to the properties along the street.

In Middelfart you can follow the path of the water, where new water channels and pavings have a brand new and exciting identity.

A change in the cross direction profile in the road ensures that stormwater is now kept and managed on the surface, while the water channels located along the northern sidewalk vary in design according to the use of the street. The channels are alternately covered with a lid of perforated cortex steel, open with running water or planted with perennials and tall grasses.

EnviDan´s role in the project.

EnviDan has undertaken the role of official project management, and has been responsible for connecting the various professionals and stakeholders throughout the process.

In addition, we have the professional responsibility for all water technical conditions, and we have conducted design and construction management at the pilot projects in Låsby and Middelfart.

Moreover, we have been responsible for organising several collaborative workshops, as well as thorough documentation and targeted dissemination of information of the results from the project.

Simon Toft  Ingvertsen