Weather radar

Development project

The responsibility for who will pay for damage caused by heavy rainfall is determined by the intensity of the rainfall.

If the rainfall is heavier than the cloudburst definition of 15 mm over a period of 30 minutes, insurance companies are liable to pay for the damages.

In other cases, where the intensity is not classified as a cloudburst, the responsibility for payment of damages lies with the private owner, unless the private owner can demonstrate that the public sewer system did not meet the expected service level. But, it can be difficult to document a cloudburst, and at the same time it is both frustrating for the private owner and time consuming for the utilities companies.

The possibilities that exist today to prove whether there has been a cloud burst at your address is based on the interpolation of rain gauges.

This is an uncertain method, because it is based on rain gauges and therefore the solution is valid only in the immediate vicinity of such measurements. If your house is not located close to a rain gauge, the estimation can therefore be very uncertain and perhaps underestimated.

This indicates that cloud bursts can occur undetected if it falls between rain gauges, and the likelihood that a cloud burst may occur at the same time in



two different areas is much lower than just at one rain gauge, and this may result in an underestimated cloud burst estimation.

Aalborg Kloak A/S has, in cooperation with Aalborg University and EnviDan, developed a public website with better documentation of cloud bursts based on a combination of a high resolution Furuno WR-2100 X band weather radar and rain gauges.

The high-resolution weather radar measures the rainfall at a radius of 300x300 meters and is adjusted to the rain gauges.

In practice, this means that the weather radar can fill all the gaps between the rain gauges and provide a more accurate and reliable estimate of cloud bursts than with existing solutions.

On the website, a PDF report can be printed to be used as documentation for either insurance companies or utilities.

In addition to being able to check for cloud bursts at your home address, the product also displays an interactive 3-month rainfall data and real-time weather radar information.

See the weather radar (in danish) at www.aalborgvejrradar.dk


David Getreuer Jensen