EnviDan sold to Waterland Private Equity


The European private equity fund Waterland Private Equity has just announced that they are taking over the ownership of EnviDan from the Danish Via equity. Waterland will focus on increasing EnviDan's strong competencies in water, wastewater and energy through strategic acquisitions, not only in the current focus area Scandinavia but also in the rest of Europe.

"We have been pleased with the collaboration with Via equity, which has helped us develop from being a primarily Danish company to being a Scandinavian environmental company," says CEO of EnviDan Morten Fjerbæk. “And that is the development we look forward to continuing with the new ownership. We have a very large professional depth within our subject areas, which is clearly in demand in the market, both in Scandinavia and in the rest of the world. We are ready to realize that potential together with Waterland. ” he adds.

At EnviDan, we have no doubt that our ambitious plan for the future will also benefit our existing customers. In Denmark, there has been a consolidation of the supply sector in recent years, and technology companies such as EnviDan must always stay sharp and be able to offer highly specialized competencies in order to be able to deliver the solutions the sector demands. With even more skilled employees, the professional environment in EnviDan will be further strengthened for the benefit of our customers.

Precisely the skilled employees are and will be the backbone of EnviDan's success, and it is also their continued commitment and desire for development that will carry EnviDan forward. "We are really good at designing and implementing technically and financially optimal solutions, but we also have a great focus on research and development in EnviDan," explains Ole Munk Nielsen, Business Director at EnviDan, and part of the Executive Board. “Innovation is part of our DNA, and already today we are part of innovative collaborations with customers, educational institutions and other 

partners from several countries in Europe. It raises our professional level and makes it fun to be an EnviDane. This is how it should be in the future, and we see very good opportunities for that with Waterland as an active player”, says Ole.

According to Kaspar Kristiansen, Managing Director for the Nordics at Waterland Private Equity, EnviDan has a profile that fits well with Waterland, and the time is right. “The engineering sector is undergoing a global consolidation in these years driven by the requirements to be able to develop and implement more complex solutions, which also entails an increasing need for increasingly competent and specialized employees. EnviDan is a unique platform to drive the consolidation with our 'buy and build' strategy, and it is our assessment that EnviDan's leading competencies within the water cycle will be a key element in our future partnership with the company's many talented employees, ”says Kaspar Kristiansen .

In October, EnviDan published its accounts for the financial year 2019/20. An account which showed that EnviDan has had its best annual result to date with an EBITDA of DKK 40 million. and a profit after tax of DKK 18 million. Michael Flindt Nielsen is CFO of EnviDan, and he believes the company is in a good position to grow further. “We have a healthy economy and a solid foundation to build on. Our order book has never been bigger, and we see many opportunities in the market, both in and outside Denmark. We must now build on this together with Waterland, and we look forward to that”, concludes Michael Flindt Nielsen.


Morten  Fjerbæk


Morten Fjerbæk