EnviDan strengthens its position in Norway


The Norwegian consulting engineering company Arealtek AS, which offers consulting, planning and project management within the water, road and wastewater area, will now be part of EnviDan, where the acquisition of Arealtek will especially strengthen EnviDan's engineering services to the water and wastewater sector in Norway.

Arealtek was started in 2009 by Morten Bjøntegaard, and in 12 years has gone from 1 to 21 employees. A success that they are now looking forward to building on together with EnviDan. "We have built a strong foundation in Norway with many good customers and exciting tasks," says Morten Bjøntegaard. “Our profile within the area plan and water area fits very well with EnviDan's ambitions to be strong in this particular field, and in the process we have experienced EnviDan as a serious and competent buyer who has a desire to develop Arealtek together with our skilled employees.” Morten Bjøntegaard will continue as general manager of Arealtek and will continue to provide cost-effective quality solutions to Norwegian customers.

EnviDan, which is headquartered in Denmark and has several offices in Denmark, Norway and Sweden, has the European private equity fund Waterland as co-owner. With EnviDan as a platform, Waterland wants to create a market-leading player in the water area in Northern Europe. Therefore, the CEO of EnviDan, Morten Fjerbæk, is also very excited that Arealtek will now become part of EnviDan. “We are already present in Norway, where EnviDan AS delivers a unique self-catering tool, which every year assists more than 300 Norwegian municipalities and waste companies to 

ensure reasonable and correct fees for end users, but we have for a long time wanted to strengthen our position in the Norwegian market within engineering services, and we are sure that we with Arealtek have found exactly the match that brings us forward,” explains Morten Fjerbæk.

In EnviDan, the employees from Arealtek will have  320 colleagues, all of whom in one way or another work within the water cycle. It allows for a unique professional sparring across Scandinavia. Morten Fjerbæk explains: “We are neither Denmark's nor the Scandinavia’s largest consulting engineering company, but if you look exclusively at services within the water cycle, we are actually among the largest because we only deal with water. This means that the professional environment we offer our employees is large and highly qualified, and helps to ensure our customers the best solutions.”

Kaspar Kristiansen, Managing Director at Waterland, is also very pleased with the acquisition of Arealtek and says: “Together with the management of EnviDan, we have laid out an ambitious growth plan, and we are very pleased that we already within a year has succeeded in adding strong competencies to EnviDan in both Norway and Sweden. In July 2021, Swedish VA Ingenjörerna became part of the EnviDan family, and now with Arealtek in Norway, we are well on our way to realizing our goals. It will be an exciting journey.”


For further information contact

Morten Bjøntegaard, director and general manager of Arealtek at morten@arealtek.no or +47 901 38 033

Morten Fjerbæk, CEO of EnviDan at mof@envidan.dk or +45 40 46 17 18

Kaspar Kristiansen, Managing Director of Waterland at kristiansen@waterland.dk or +45 21 18 22 44

Morten  Fjerbæk


Morten Fjerbæk

+45 40 46 17 18