Advanced and vast experience with biogas projects

The demand for renewable and environmentally friendly energy sources is constantly increasing and the attention to biogas is therefore steadily increasing in the Danish energy sector.

Our biogas experts have advanced and vast experience with biogas plants and have provided consultancy on biogas production in a wide range of Danish and foreign projects.

We are always up to date on the latest knowledge, and our skilled engineers participate in feasibility studies, process consultancy, regulatory processing, tenders and supervision.


We pay high attention to development projects in the biogas sector and participate in many exciting initiatives in a growing sector.

We can help with everything from the first reviews for a biogas plant to project implementation with supevision and project management.

In some of the most well-functioning green energy projects in Denmark we have been a main knowlegde contributor and have provided solutions in most of the world.

Planning and authority

We are part of the process from concept development, over regulatory processing, design and delivery as well as project management and supervision during construction.

As an independent consulting engineering company, we have no political agenda. Therefore, we can also produce objective analysis and reports.

When designing new facilities, we prepare all relevant documents from scratch, but we also assist in the renewal and updating of existing mappings, statements, approvals, etc.


We keep track of all the documents and facilitate with the preparation of:

  • EIAs
  • Environmental approvals
  • Urban area development plans
  • Rural area permits
  • Building permits
  • Risk assessments and mapping
  • Brand strategy