District Heating

We provide consultancy and professional sparring to the Danish district heating sector. We have a strong team with many years of experience in the Danish energy industry, and we have a highly skilled team when it comes to planning and designing district heating solutions that have green energy as the focal point.

Our solutions are always customised in co-operation with our clients,

and we believe that dialogue is the way to the best result.

EnviDan has an extensive software program with solutions for the Danish multi-utilities companies. We strive to improve everyday work for our clients, and offer, among others, EnviDrift, which facilitates operating processes at the Danish district heating plants.


Flue gas condensate

Do you comply with the discharge requirements?

Due to the intensified requirements for the emission of flue gas condensate it is necessary for many plants to improve the cleaning of the flue gas condensate.

We have a proven solution, which is composed of efficient units, each of which has proven their skill through practical operations at several Danish and foreign plants, where stable, profitable and problem-free solutions are in focus.

We always take into account existing components in the plant to get the most optimal solution both in terms of economy and in terms of the efficiency of the work.

EnviDan's filter solutions for the cleaning of flue gas condensate have many advantages:


  • Proven single components provide solutions that are effective, economical and stable, and composed on the basis of EnviDan's many years of experience in the energy and environmental field
  • Smooth daily operation with optimal construction in relation to carrying out necessary service and maintenance.
  • Compliance with environmental requirements for emissions of flue gas and condensate under favourable operating conditions.
  • Waste water content of cadmium and mercury is cleaned to below 3μg / l (micrograms per liter) with the possibility of further reduction.
  • Optimum utilisation of areas achieved by a highly efficient filter area per. m2 occupied floor area.
  • Possibility of individual adaptation.