Municipal cost recovery tool

Since 2003, EnviDan Momentum has developed and delivered a cost recovery tool to Norwegian municipalities and companies. Our solutions are the leading product on the Norwegian market, and our employees have in-depth expertise and knowledge within the industries we work with and the products we deliver. All consultants in EnviDan Momentum are civil economists with specialisation in financial control and local government accounting.

Our clients are the foundation of our business. Therefore, we visit our clients, which consist of more than 250 Norwegian municipalities, on average twice a year.

We are also focused on knowledge sharing, and annually provide several courses and seminars for our clients.

As of today, we are the only supplier of a tool to handle local government financial control systems in Norway and with associated consultancy services. And therefore, for most Norwegian municipalities, we are the only natural choice in partner within this field.

EnviDan Momentum cost recovery tools can be used on all municipal services to calculate the full cost according to the Ministry of Local 

Government and Regional Development guidelines - for example, water, sewage and sanitation services, building projects, maps and surveying.

EnviDan Momentum has developed full-cost models that support both the Government and Norwegian standard implementation nomenclature. What characterises our full-cost models is that they are always up to date in accordance with applicable laws and regulations and are easy to use.

Our cost recovery tool also includes:

Waste removal: Momentum full cost for municipal waste removal is our cost recovery tool that is specifically developed to the waste removal industry and their needs.

Harbour industry: EnviDan Momentum has developed a separate module for handling full-cost in the harbour industry.

Mergers: We also have experience with mergers happening in several joints, where two or more municipalities join together first, before a new council comes in later. In a full cost perspective, the goal is to make the merger as fair and efficient as possible, both for citizens and for the municipality.