Nature and aquatic environment

The nature and auqatic environment is a crucial part of our future aquatic systems in Scandinavia. This applies from both a conservation and improvement perspective, but also as an important parameter when we speak of agriculture, urban development and climate protection.

We offer both consultancy and turn-key projects regarding nature and aquatic environmental improvements. We are up to date with the latest professional knowledge and government requirements, and we have a large number 

of specialists who can help you with tasks such as watercourses, nature restoration, nature management, environmental assessment and EIA.

You can involve EnviDan in all phases of a project, and we believe that good dialogue with clients and other stakeholders is a key ingredient in a successful project.


We perform:

  • All kinds of phreatic surface calculation by using for example MIKE Hydroriver and VASP. We can help with the preparation of drainage consortium in subject to wetland or watercourse projects.
  • Physical and biological studies of watercourses, and we can, for example, determine whether the objective is met and assess what it takes before the goal is achieved.



  • Biological statements regarding emissions of environmentally hazardous substances.
  • Impact assessment of hydraulic loads or reduced water flow.
  • Turn-key contracts in the preparation of watercourse regulations and consultancy on the choice of regulatory type, measurements, hydraulic calculations, regulatory texts and digital regulatory solutions.

Nature restoration

We deliver:

  • Feasibility studies and detailed design of nature restoration projects.
  • Impact assessments in relation to the Water Framework Directive's objectives. Our experts have contributed to the development of the biological indicators used for assessing the ecological quality and can therefore provide consultancy which ensures that watercourse restoration takes care of small animals, fish and plants.
  • Climate modelling and elaboration of hydrological consensus maps for future drainage in the area. We implement everything from simple calculations in VASP and Mike HydroRiver to complicated dynamic calculations in the MIKE programs.



  • Property research, combining biological and regulatory competences with strong agricultural science.
  • Solutions that deal with legislation in the area. We incorporate all relevant information in the planning process, including nature conservation, land occupation, infrastructure and the historical situation in the area.
  • Substance calculations according to the requirements of the state project groups: Nitrogen wetlands, phosphorus wetlands etc.
  • Turnkey projects where we take care of the project from the initial phase to the construction phase is over.

Nature management

We can help with:

  • File handling, supervisory tasks and enforcement in relation to §3: protected natural habitats, building and protection lines and preserved areas.
  • Screening and interpretation of aerial photo maps and mapping of §3 protected areas.
  • Preparation and implementation of Natura 2000 action plans and initiatives.
  • Development of nature quality plans and nature conservation projects.



  • Audit of the municipal plan regarding nature and river basins including the classification of ecological connections to Green Danish Maps using GIS analysis and specific knowledge about flora and fauna.
  • Strategies and plans for controlling invasive species.
  • Raising the High Nature Value (HNV) score if necessary to ensure natural care allowance for the individual proprietors.
  • Reviewing municipality cases to optimise and incorporate IT solutions to facilitate workdays for the workers in nature and watercourse departments.
  • Development of nature assessments regarding environmental approvals for livestock farming and impact assessment in relation to the Habitats Directive.

Environmental Assessment and EIA

The purpose of an environmental assessment is to ensure that the outcome of environmental impacts and the highlights of possible alternatives take place, while the plan is still in preparation and treated politically, namely before final adoption.

Environmental impact assessment (EIA) is carried out at project level, and an EIA study must be prepared on particular construction projects before the 


developer is allowed to start the project.

EnviDan can provide help with EIA screenings or reports, environmental assessments (SMEs) and habitat assessments. We also help with other types of planning and government tasks including municipal planning in the field of nature.

Esben Astrup  Kristensen