We offer specially selected products to our customers that we believe contribute positively to the development of the Danish water and waste water sector. The products are carefully selected and they are all products that we know and can vouch for.

One of our primary products is TenCate GeoTube ©

As the only distributor in Denmark, we offer TenCate GeoTube ©, which is a revolutionary drainage technology for all types of sludge and sediment.

TenCate GeoTube © can be used for:

  • Purification of rainwater basins
  • Sludge drainage at purification plants
  • Purification of lakes
  • Purification of ports
  • Fish farming

The technology requires no permanent or fixed installations. It is used to the extent necessary and dewatering and storage is done in one and the same process.

The technology has a minimal energy consumption and therefore ensures the least amount of waste for transportation, waste disposal or delivery. 

The bags are easy to use, effective and very flexible.



TenCate GeoTube: Sludge drainage technology for all types of sludge and sediment.

OMC flotation plant: Separation technology for separating liquids and particles.

Siloxa  Engineering: Gas drying and gas purification.

Azurro: Biological air filters for effective removal of odors from, among others, WWTP's

Wiefferink Flexitanks: Temporary storage of water or waste water

Salsnes Filters: Extraction of primary sludge to reduce CO2 emissions and ensure sustainable operation

Jan K. Pedersen