Sewer technology

We design and project the sewer systems of the future

As a sparring partner for Danish utilities companies and municipalities, we design and project the future sewer systems. We are experts in hydraulic calculations, planning and SUDS solutions. We provide professional and well-worked structural waste water and sewer renewal plans, and understand the importance of thorough analysis and model work. That is why we also have a large and highly specialised hydraulic team, using the latest model calculation tools, providing our clients with the best knowledge for decision making.


We have a dedicated team that manages design, supply and supervision, and we work in both traditional forms of cooperation and partnering. We are one of the most experienced consultancy companies in Denmark when it comes to working in partnering. We have been part of a partnership collaboration with Aarhus Water since 2006 and also have extensive experience from other utilities companies such as VCS and Silkeborg Utilities Company.

Waste water treatment plans

Focusing on all stakeholders, we develop waste water, structure and climate adaptation plans. We have developed waste water treatment plans for more than half of the country's municipalities.


The plans are prepared in a participatory process where we ensure ownership and responsibility through workshops and collaboration across the utilities and municipalities.

Hydraulic modelling

Our hydraulics are specialists within their field and work in MIKE URBAN, MIKE FLOOD, MIKE SHE and MIKE HYDRO River as well as SCALGO and VASP.

Based on hydraulic models, we have extensive experience in modelling and calibration, and we can provide flow measurements with state-of-the-art technology as well as expert interpretation of model results.

Regulatory procedures

We have a thorough knowledge of the conditions and legislation that regulates the Danish waste water sector. Our extended knowledge on sewer technology forms the basis for our work with discharge permits, concessions and building permits.


We have extensive experience in developing strategic environmental reports with a professional assessment of the impact on the environment. At the same time, we are specialists in optimising waste water treatment processes on plants and model calculations of sewer systems.

Project planning and execution

We focus on the specific project at hand every time we design transport systems, basins and pumping stations. We construct holistic solutions focusing on portable plants, energy-efficient solutions, a good operating economy and, not least, the use of the latest and most efficient technology in the field.

Our pumping technology skills are top of class, and our specialists are among the best in the country. With the changing climate, the need for up-to-date basins and overflow structures increase to handle the 


increased water volumes.

We have many years of experience in designing both water saving chambers and rainwater basins, as well as overflow and outlet structures etc.

Designing and supervising sanitation and installation of pipelines are a natural extension of our planning services, and a major and significant part of our business within drainage and sewage systems.

Communication with landowners and citizens

We have many years of experience in separating joint sewers, and we are used to navigating and managing sewer separation projects in densely populated areas. Therefore, we also see communication with the various stakeholders


as crucial to the success of the project.
We work specifically with stakeholder analysis and use the results of the analysis to create a constructive dialogue between citizens, authorities, the utilities companies and stakeholders.


Ole Munk  Nielsen