EnviPortal - The ultimate software universe

The many data produced in the utility sector is our field of expertise, and with EnviPortal we have a platform that favours all utility categories and brings the right data into play for you to make informed and well-documented decisions and track them on a regular basis.

We work structured and judicious with big data and develop solutions that make sense.

Our water and sewage specialists ensure that professionalism always provides the basis for development, so that we do not process data for the sake of the data, but because they provide important knowledge that can contribute to an optimised utility sector.

EnviPortal is the gateway to our entire software universe, which provides you with easy access to all your data, including information on operations, summaries, key figures, etc.

EnviPortal is especially developed for the Scandinavian utilities companies, municipalities and contractors within the environmental field.

Our solutions are always developed in close cooperation between our customers and our experts in EnviDan and are a balanced mix of custom made solutions and standard modules. We offer agile solutions for each individual utility area as well as cross utility solutions on a large scale.

EnviPortalen is hosted on servers at a professional hosting center, which guarantees a stabil connection, constant security surveillance and regular procedures for power outage, etc. When using EnviPortal we protect your data and it is part of the mandatory hosting and service agreement that we run backup daily, so that no data disappears.

One entry to all your software solutions:

  • Unlimited number of users.
  • No program installations necessary, everything is online.
  • Online helpdesk and support for all our programs.
  • News and traffic advice.
  • Secure hosting and backup of your data.
  • Opportunity to participate in our annual EnviPortal Day and in our quarterly user courses.

Download productinformation about some of our software solutions for the waste water industry