Waste water treatment plants and process technology

We are in the forefront when it comes to finding the best technologies

In EnviDan we have a lot of experience with advanced waste water treatment, and process optimisation is one of our core competences.

We are in the forefront when it comes to finding the best avaliable technologies (BAT) for the specific plant, and we can assemble the various technologies to supply our clients with well documented and best available technology recommendations. At the same time, we use online management to optimise the waste water treatment process.

We also offer a wide range of solutions for wastewater treatment including building and project consultancy and optimisation of wastewater treatment plants.


Our approach always depends on the specific facility or the specific task at hand, and we offer the best service whether the solution is a low or a high-tech waste water treatment process.

Operational management and optimisation are an important part of our services, and we offer a range of solutions and tools that make everyday life easier for the employees.

Finally, we have a lot of experience with turn-key projects. Read more about this here


Processes and technologies

We have an extensive knowledge of the many possible wastewater treatment processes, and are always keeping up to date with new methods and technologies in order to analyse and identify opportunities for optimal cleaning processes, energy optimisation etc. Furthermore, we have a number of online management systems that facilitate the daily work and ensure continuous optimisation of operations at both purification plants, waterworks and pumping stations.


Ask us if you need:

  • Ideas for future wastewater treatment handling
  • Energy optimisation
  • New wastewater treatment technologies
  • Process optimisation
  • Process service / guidance
  • Online management
  • Implementation of an electronic operation log
  • Calculation of the basis for special contributions

State-of-the-art planning of future wastewater treatment plants

We plan the wastewater treatment structure of tomorrow to meet future requirements for efficient wastewater treatment, benchmarking on operation, energy optimisation, etc.

We take on each project with a clear mind and try never to limit our options when it comes to finding new ways that can help improve the wastewater treatment structure for the benefit of both the economy and the environment.

Our team includes process, building, machine and electrical engineers, biologists, geologists and landscape architects, 


and we use all the competences needed to provide a solution that covers all aspects of the specific project.

In EnviDan we invest 20% of our profits each year in innovation and development projects, which we carry out with our clients, public authorities, educational institutions, etc.

We also have a bridge-building role in which we strengthen and control the interaction between authorities, utilities companies, contractors, project advisors and other stakeholders

Sewer connection and discharge permits

We can help with requirements and conditions relating to discharge and sewer connection permits. We assess the environmental impact, impact on the recipient, substance transport considerations, etc.


And therefore we can provide the preparatory work so that schedules are kept, and the correct permits are given.

Design and execution

The design and execution of waste water treatment plants are an integrated part of our work, and we carry out many design tasks every year for our clients.

We always design in close dialogue with our clients, and believe that close collaboration creates a unique space for mutual exchange of ideas and experiences.

When we are developing successful wastewater treatment projects we focus on several key points:


Client involvement
To match expectations, we always involve the client as much as possible in the process.

Feasibility studies and inspections
We conduct thorough investigations and inspect the plant as many times as necessary to get all the details.

Listening to the operating staff
We listen to the wishes and needs of the operating staff, they have the highest knowledge of the plant.

Tender and supervision service

We offer both main sub contracts and professional contracts, and as project advisors, we are responsible for ensuring that the tender documents contain all necessary information to get the right offer from the start.


It is always the same team that designs and supervises, and we use our experience to evaluate tenders based on the deferred criteria, in order to ensure a fair allocation process.

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