Water supply

From source to consumer

Our goal is to ensure clean drinking water for future generations throughout Scandinavia, and we offer consultancy on sustainable use, recovery and handling of drinking water and we take care of the water from source to consumer in assistance to utilities, waterworks and municipalities in Scandinavia.

We work with water resource mapping, well fields, waterworks and pipeline networks, and through strategic planning and hydraulic and water quality models we ensure a holistic approach to services as well as ensuring optimal water supply.

We prepare feasibility studies, tender documents, detailed designs etc. 


using the latest technologies to analyse and present the collected data.

At the same time, we can deliver operable waterworks as turn-key projects and offer solutions that cover all phases of the building process. We can provide planning, design, execution, commissioning and documentation.

When building water works it is necessary to have a thorough knowledge of all parts of the water supply chain. We have a number of water treatment experts with great knowledge of the water circuit and thus ensure optimal execution of the project.

Planning is key

In EnviDan we bring all competences into play when planning for the municipalities and utilities companies.
We handle everything from water supply plans and action plans to structural analysis, renewal and action plans for eg. reduction of water loss etc.
We have a highly competent water supply team which has executed projects throughout Scandinavia, and we contribute to efficient and long-term planning carried out in the most cost-effective manner.


Among other things, we can help water utilities companies with the following services:

  • Renewal plans: Development and renovation planning of pipeline systems
  • Action plans for non revenue water
  • Planning state-of-the-art maintenance
  • Water abstraction strategies for well fields

Groundwater analysis and groundwater body

In cooperation with the utility company we prepare geological models and groundwater models, which, based on geophysics, drillings, test pumps and groundwater chemistry, provide an overview of the groundwater bodies. We can also help with specific assessments of potential sources of pollution related to groundwater.


Through a thorough analysis of the groundwater conditions, we assess the potential threat and need for future water recovery and focus on recovering high quality water in sufficient quantities. We conduct an action plan to obtain a sufficient resource allocation including energy supply security, water quality, investment, economy, etc.

Establishment of well fields

We are experts in design, supply and supervision in connection with the establishment of well fields. We draw up relevant models to simulate future impacts of eg wetlands, watercourses and of the groundwater potential. We hereby ensure that the design is in accordance with applicable legislation.


At existing well fields and drill sites, we offer qualified estimations of current conditions based on video inspection, water samples and pumping tests. This gives us the best basis for making recommendations for possible operational and energy optimisations.


In Scandinavia we have some of the world's best drinking water. It is a fact, and in EnviDan we contribute to help maintaining the high water quality throughout Scandinavia. We do this by delivering quality solutions to existing and new waterworks.

We offer building consultancy, design, construction and supervision, and we can provide waterworks as a turn-key project.


In cooperation with our clients, we provide the best team with competent employees who solve the challenges our clients are facing.

With our presence in Denmark, Norway and Sweden, our specialists can deliver excellent consultancy and solve projects throughout Scandinavia.

Water distribution

In EnviDan we have highly skilled employees in all aspects of drinking water distribution. We can advise on all parts of the distribution network, such as planning, modelling and optimisation of distribution systems.

Furthermore, we have developed a number of online software tools to facilitate management, monitoring, operation and maintenance of the distribution network. Our tools adress both operating personnel and planners in the utilities companies, and the tools are developed in close cooperation with our clients in order to contribute to an effective and healthy worklife. 


We can help your with the following services:

  • Development and renovation planning for the underground piping systems.
  • Action Plan for NRW.
  • Modelling and optimisation of the distribution system.
  • Presentation of information in GIS and operating systems.
  • Analysis and overview of water balances.
  • Overview of water loss in the underground piping systems
  • Registration of breakage in the underground piping systems.
  • Overview of open /closed valves in the underground piping systems.