How we work

At EnviDan we know that things are cohesive, and we have a holistic approach to problem solving. This means that we bring a number of different skills to the table to find the best solution for our clients, employees and the environment.

We solve a wide range of projects every day, and we are aware that all projects require a dedicated and individual approach. Our solutions are composed to match the specific project.


We are specialists in EnviDan, and our employees are experts in their field and have profound professional skills and knowledge they bring into play when we carry out projects for our clients.

Our knowledge and professionalism is our strength when we move within our fields of expertise, but it is when we work interdisciplinary that we really benefit from many specialists within EnviDan. We know each others strengths and field of 

expertise, and we always put together the best team for the specific task.

Our employees are specialists in advanced wastewater treatment, drainage, drinking water, and nature and the aquatic environment, and we take care of the entire water cycle. At the same time we ensure optimal energy utilisation in both purification- and biogas plants with some of the best experts in the biogas sector in Denmark.

We also think interdisciplinarily every time we plan, design and develop software solutions.

Our software solutions arise from the needs of our clients, and with more and more multi-purpose utilities companies in Denmark, the need for interdisciplinary solutions is constantly increasing. 

We are up for the challenge, and a large number of our solutions are used across utility categories to give our customers the best opportunities to benefit from the synergies which arise when thinking interdisciplinarily.