Research & Development

R&D in EnviDan

Our clients need it. Our employees ask for it. The market demands it. Innovation is an important cornerstone in the development of EnviDan. 

We have an innovation and development set-up that ensures that all business areas are represented and that our employees participate in projects that are relevant to them regardless of department and geografical location.

Our innovation process is structured without being rigid because we believe that creativity has the freedom to unfold when the correct framework is in place. 

Our innovation process consists of four phases, each phase being completed by a 'gate' which includes a decision on whether the project should continue or not. The four phases of our innovation process are shown below and are: Idea phase, idea maturing, development & implementation and upscaling & business creation

Our innovative solutions are often created in cooperation with our clients or partners and across the departments of EnviDan. Our main goal is to create value for our clients, that is why we always listen to their ideas.



Tanken is an internal app where employees can contribute their ideas for specific environmental solutions, as well as ideas improving EnviDan as a workplace. Four times a year, the R&D group selects the two best ideas, and they are awarded at our quarterly office meetings.

We have many good examples of ideas starting from just a thought and ending up becoming well-developed projects with the support of large organisations.

Ice pigging

One of the ideas comes from our project engineer Gudmundur Andresson, who came up with the idea of a self-soluble cleaning pig. Gudmundur's idea is no longer just an idea, today it is a fully-commissioned development project, with Gudmundur in the lead. The project is supported by MUDP, and has recently been tested on sewer systems in two Danish cities with great results.

Mads  Uggerby