New Managing Director appointed in Sweden



The environmental company Envidan is at an exciting stage with the aim of becoming Scandinavia's leading supplier in the water sector. Now Envidan is taking the next step with Mathias Svensson as the new Managing Director for the entire Swedish division.

The Swedish division consists today of VA Ingenjörnerna AB and Envidan AB. With Mathias as new MD the company continues in the direction it started with a focus on innovation, value-creating solutions and sustainability for municipalities and industries.

Growth in the Swedish market has increased and in connection with a major reorganization last year, the Envidan group decided that the Swedish division was to be an independent division. Expectations for Envidan Sweden are high, says Ole Fritz, CEO of the Envidan Group, and greets Mathias on his new position:

“Congratulations to Mathias and all our colleagues in Sweden, we are sure that this will lead to a fruitful collaboration between our Swedish companies and for all of Envidan."

Mathias Svensson has many years of experience in consulting, management and strategy in the water sector and has been part of Envidan since 2017. He is the perfect match for the position and as member of Envidan's executive management. About his new role, Mathias says:

“I am both honored and proud of the opportunity to contribute to the development of the Swedish division as Managing Director. Envidan is a unique company and I look forward to continuing to grow and refine the Swedish business. The conditions are very good and for me success always equals cooperation.

Mathias Svensson



Mathias Svensson

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