Envidan sets goal for equal distribution of men and women in 2030


50/50. This is how the distribution of male and female employees in Envidan should be in 2030, according to the management in Envidan.

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Envidan makes a strong acquisition in Norway


The Norwegian consulting engineering company VA Consult will now become part of the Envidan Group. This acquisition makes it clear that Envidan has a strong focus on the Norwegian market.

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New Managing Director appointed in Sweden


The environmental company Envidan is at an exciting stage with the aim of becoming Scandinavia's leading supplier in the water sector. Now Envidan is taking the next step with Mathias Svensson as the new Managing Director for the entire Swedish division.

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Ole Fritz Adeler will be the new CEO of Envidan


On 1 October 2022, Ole Fritz Adeler will take over the position as CEO of Envidan after Morten Fjerbæk, who has chosen to retire from the day-to-day management. Ole has been employed at HOFOR for the last 10 years, most recently in a position as Acting Technical Director and previously held the position as Supply Director with responsibility for the entire Water and Wastewater area in HOFOR. Prior to his time at HOFOR, Ole has held various leadership roles at Krüger/Veolia, both nationally and internationally.

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With an efficiency requirement of 2% annually and historically great challenges in the climate area as well as in the pursuit of the green transition, the utilities sector has a great need for finding new solutions and workflows. For more than 10 years, EnviDan has developed digital solutions for just that purpose, and sees a huge optimization potential for digital solutions, which is now being turbocharged.

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The environmental company EnviDan has great growth ambitions, and this requires a transition-ready organization that can accommodate the expected growth. Therefore, the company is now changing its organizational structure to a divisional organization, where the current CEO Morten Fjerbæk will continue as CEO of the EnviDan Group, while Ole Munk Nielsen will be COO, and thus responsible for the entire EnviDan Danish division.

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EnviDan sells Norwegian cost recovery business to Visma


EnviDan has entered into an agreement with Norwegian Visma for a divestment of the company's cost recovery business, which provides financial advice calculating fees for public services following legal requirements for municipalities, waste companies and harbours.

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Increased turnover in all EnviDan's markets


The environmental company EnviDan has delivered a great result in the financial year 2020/2021 despite Covid-19. This is shown by the company's recently published annual magazine, where in all three main markets in Denmark, Norway and Sweden there has been an overall increase in turnover of almost 20%, while the bottom line has strengthened significantly. This means that EnviDan feels well equipped for a changing future.

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EnviDan strengthens its position in Norway


The Norwegian consulting engineering company Arealtek AS, which offers consulting, planning and project management within the water, road and wastewater area, will now be part of EnviDan, where the acquisition of Arealtek will especially strengthen EnviDan's engineering services to the water and wastewater sector in Norway.

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VA INGENJÖRERNA will be part of the Danish environmental company EnviDan


As part of the ambitious growth strategy launched by EnviDan, with the European private equity fund Waterland as a major shareholder, EnviDan has acquired Swedish VA INGENJÖRERNA.

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WHITE PAPER: Reducing urban water losses


How can water utility companies improve their efficiency and meet future demand for drinking water? These questions are put under the microscope in a new white paper.

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At the beginning of the year, EnviDan became a Microsoft Silver Partner. Head of Cloud Services, Morten Klank calls the partnership "a cementing of the fact that EnviDan is highly competent to help customers on their digital journey". He is proud of the blue stamp, which i.a. means that EnviDan will have access to specialist resources at Microsoft as well as access features before they are officially released.

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EnviDan sold to Waterland Private Equity


The European private equity fund Waterland Private Equity has just announced that they are taking over the ownership of EnviDan from the Danish Via equity. Waterland will focus on increasing EnviDan's strong competencies in water, wastewater and energy through strategic acquisitions, not only in the current focus area Scandinavia but also in the rest of Europe.

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