Ole Fritz Adeler will be the new CEO of Envidan


On 1 October 2022, Ole Fritz Adeler will take over the position as CEO of Envidan after Morten Fjerbæk, who has chosen to retire from the day-to-day management. Ole has been employed at HOFOR for the last 10 years, most recently in a position as Acting Technical Director and previously held the position as Supply Director with responsibility for the entire Water and Wastewater area in HOFOR. Prior to his time at HOFOR, Ole has held various leadership roles at Krüger/Veolia, both nationally and internationally.

The desire to find a new CEO to lead Envidan's ambitious development plans stems from Morten Fjerbæk himself, who elaborates: "Throughout my 10 years as CEO of Envidan, we have, among other things, gone through two changes of ownership and acquired a number of companies - and we have now come to a point in Envidan's development where I believe that our ambitious goals are best achieved if a different profile takes the position of CEO. I presented that consideration to our majority shareholder, who fortunately has supported my decision". The current CEO has actively participated in the process of finding his replacement and does not hesitate to call the appointment of Ole Fritz Adeler a scoop: "I am really proud that we have succeeded in hiring such a competent and strong profile - in fact, I would go so far as to call Ole a dream replacement, because I am absolutely sure that with him we have found the right person to bring Envidan forward", he continues.

Ole Fritz Adeler has a large network in the water and wastewater industry, where for many years, he has been a visionary leader in the utilities sector. In addition to having a professional profile that matches Envidan's business areas 100%, Ole has a unique insight into all corners of the water and wastewater sector as well as the right strategic mindset to be able to translate Envidan's strategies into reality in cooperation with the executive management and all the skilled employees in Envidan.

Ole Fritz Adeler himself says about his new position at Envidan: "I am proud that I have been given the chance to be at the head of one of the most exciting companies in Scandinavia within an industry that I know inside and out. I think that Envidan's profile, with a primary focus on the water cycle and the three business areas - consulting, contracting and software - is completely unique, and it is a business model that holds enormous potential. But of course, it will not be easy to say goodbye to HOFOR, where I have been happy to work for many years. HOFOR is a fantastic workplace with great visions for the future of water and wastewater management and a workplace where I have had the opportunity to influence the direction of some of the 

most important current agendas within drinking water, wastewater, climate and sustainability. These are the agendas that drive me, and it will also be the case at Envidan, who has already proven to be able to deliver state-of-the-art solutions within the water cycle with sustainable development as the overarching theme. I've always had a lot of respect for Envidan and the spirit of the company, so I'm really looking forward to experiencing this from the inside and become part of the very special Envidan culture. Last but not least, I look forward to continuing the good cooperation with the utilities industry "from the other side of the table" as a supplier. I am convinced that it is a huge advantage to have been part of a supply company for many years, when in the future I have to be at the head of a company like Envidan. "

In 2020, the majority of the shares in Envidan were taken over by the European capital fund Waterland, and together with Envidan, an ambitious strategy for growth has been laid, and it is this strategy that Ole Fritz Adeler will now take the lead in executing. Kaspar Kristiansen, who is Managing Director at Waterland and Chairman of the board at Envidan, says: "We have been extremely satisfied with Morten's leadership. He has delivered good results over many years and, together with the employees, is responsible for the position that Envidan has today as a strong name within the water and waste water sector. But I also respect Morten's wish to be replaced as CEO and am extremely happy that Ole Fritz Adeler has agreed to take on the challenge. Ole has all the right qualities, both professionally and personally, and combined with Ole's experience and network in the industry, we will have a CEO who can contribute to Envidan's development in the coming years."

However, Morten Fjerbæk will also play a role in Envidan in the future. "I'm an Envidan to the core," admits Morten. "So even though I have decided to take a step back, I would very much like to contribute to the continued development of Envidan. I am therefore very happy that, by agreement with Ole, I will be taking on a role as Business Developer on 1 October and am also looking forward to continuing my work on the board of EnviDan A/S". The new CEO of Envidan is happy that Morten continues in Envidan: "I have known Morten for almost 30 years - and know that he is a huge capacity. He knows the business inside out and is a fantastic ambassador for Envidan and Envidan's values. I am looking forward to taking over the leadership from Morten and am very satisfied that he is staying at Envidan - and I look forward with great anticipation to the collaboration, both with Morten but indeed also with the rest of the executive management and indeed with all employees in EnviDan” concludes Ole Fritz Adeler.


  • Civil Engineer within the environmental field, supplemented by an economic education (HD) at CBS in Accounting and Financial Management.
  • Has taken a board education at Niels Brock as well as a top management education in "Advanced Business Development" at CFL.
  • Comes from a position as Acting Technical Director and Utilities Director in HOFOR with responsibility for 8 water companies and 8 wastewater companies.
  • Ole is 51 years old, lives in Bagsværd and is married to Pernille. Together they have 2 sons, Magnus aged 22 and Tobias aged 19.


Kaspar Kristiansen on +45 2118 2244 or kristiansen@waterland.dk