To be part of EnviDan

Our own special company spirit

In EnviDan we agree that working here is quite unique. We call it the EnviDan-spirit.

The EnviDan-spirit stems from a flat management structure and a high level of employee involvement in all aspects of the company.

As you can see in our mission and vision statements, we have high ambitions in the company, and great plans for growth.

We believe that we will only reach our goals if we have happy employees, and our Employee-Satisfaction-Survey shows that that is precisely what we have. We execute an Employee-Satisfaction-Survey every two years to measure the level of satisfaction within the work environment. Recent results from spring 2017 show that work satisfaction in EnviDan scores 79 out of 100 points on the EEI index. This is a very good result, and it is well above the average in our field of work.

We are very proud of these results because they show that it is not just something we say when we say that we have a unique workplace, it is something we agree on in EnviDan.

Even though we are proud of the excellent results, it is clear that in order to maintain our high level of work satisfaction, we must continuously work to maintain and improve our conditions to obtain an even better working environment.


Therefore, we always analyse the results and set up relevant action plans on team-, department- and company level.

We have fun in EnviDan

We take diligent care of our EnviDan employees, and it is one of our focus points. We believe that you must feel great to deliver great results. It is important to us that every employee has time and space for other aspects than work, and in EnviDan we believe that freedom and responsibility go hand in hand.

Both small and large aspects matter when it comes to a good working environment. In EnviDan we always provide fresh fruit for our employees, and health preventive massage is avaliable at or close to the office. Also, an overall health care insurance for all our employees is provided. We organise fun Christmas parties, The EnviDan Adventure Race and other staff events, which all employees look forward to each year. We even have our own EnviDan beer!

We also have an annual strategy seminar for all employees in the company where we get together to debate the future plans for EnviDan. We have several professional internal networks centered around a specific line of expertise that contribute to a good and evolving academic environment. Finally, we devote 20% of our profits to the development of new technologies and solutions.

Read more about our approach to innovation HERE


EnviDan Adventure Race

EnviDan Adventure Race is our annual customer event, which brings together customers, colleagues and collaborators in scenic surroundings in Silkeborg. The head office in Silkeborg has a fantastic location surrounded by forest and water, and it is here we perform the EnviDan Adventure Race.

Running, sweat and brain puzzles are only a small part of participating in the EnviDan Adventure Race. There is also high-level cooperation, activities 

on water and challenging tasks that put the whole team to the test.

There will always be information to find on our website close to the execution of the Adventure Race, which is typically held in June. If you would like to see pictures from the previous EnviDan Adventure Race, click here.

Contact your nearest EnviDan connection if you want to participate!

Helle  Jegsen